How do I trade-in my device?

Simply enter your device details on our trade-in page (IMEI / serial number or brand, model), tell us about the device’s condition and we’ll tell you what it’s worth. If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll send you a pre-paid package so you can post your device to us. As soon as we receive your … Continued

How will I be paid for my trade-in?

Once your device has been successfully traded in we’ll pay you the agreed value of your device by direct bank transfer into the account you specified on your trade-in order. Usually, the money will reach your account within 14 days. If you wish to contact us about your trade-in, please call 0344 412 0979. Trade-in … Continued

What happens to my phone after I’ve traded it in?

Once you’ve traded in your device, we pass it onto a 3rd party so it can be re-used. Most phones go to developing markets, or are passed on to insurance companies to replace lost, stolen or damaged devices.

My pre-paid packaging hasn’t arrived?

Postage pre-paid packaging can take up to 3 working days to arrive. If you still haven’t received your post bag after this time, please email your reference number and details to [email protected] to request another bag or let our livechat team know there’s a problem. They’re always happy to help!

How long is my trade-in price valid for?

The trade-in price we quote you is valid for 14 days from the date of valuation. If we receive your device after this time you may receive a revised valuation.

Can I cancel my trade-in?

If you’ve placed your trade-in order but haven’t posted your phone, you can still change your mind and choose not to send the phone in. However, if you later decide that you do want to trade in after all, you will need to get a new quote. If you’ve already posted your device to us, … Continued