What network do the MVNOs run on?

We show SIM deals from a wide variety of network providers.  Some deals are from mobile networks (MVNO) you may not have heard of, but they are powered by the bigger mobile network operators (MNOs). To find out more about MVNOs click here. All Main Network Carriers and MNVOs  Network  Carrier Established  BT Mobile  EE 2015 … Continued

Network contact details

Network From a Mobile From a landline Website BT Mobile 150  0800 800 150 BT Mobile EE 150  0800 956 6000 EE TalkTalk 2883  0800 458 5331 TalkTalk Virgin Media 789  0345 600 0789 Virgin Media Three 500  0333 338 1003 Three The Peoples Operator 500  0845 225 2505 The People’s Operator giffgaff giffgaff ASDA … Continued

When will my new SIM arrive?

While we list SIMs for you to purchase on our website, you actually need to buy the SIM from the network provider themselves. We always pass you directly to the network website to order your SIM through our site and you need to complete your transaction with them. If you have to come out of … Continued

What does SIM Only mean?

In traditional phone contracts – also referred to as bundled contracts – you buy the phone and agree to a certain tariff for your data, minutes and text messages. However, in these bundles, it can be hard to see whether you’re overpaying for your tariff, for your phone, or worse – for both. Because of … Continued

Can I take out a SIM Only deal with my existing network?

If the contract with your current network is ended and that network presents the best-matched deal for you then you can get SIM Only from them. All you would need to do is contact them and request dropping to a SIM Only plan. However, it is always worth running a quick search of available SIM … Continued

Is there a credit check required for a SIM? Will I pass?

If you want to sign up to a one-month rolling or 12-month SIM only contract, the majority of networks will perform a credit check. The credit check rules are not as stringent as for 24-month phone contracts, and one-month rolling contracts, in particular, offer a much lower check criteria. There are some networks that do … Continued

Which SIM type/size will I need?

Not all phones use the same size SIM card – that would be far too easy! If you’re not sure which SIM size you need for your phone, the best thing to do is take out your current SIM, quickly measure it and compare against the measurements below, or we’ve listed the common phone types … Continued